​​​​theReal  Tree Archers

A Central Virginia Chapter of the Christian Bowhunters of America

the Real Tree Archers is fully recognized as an IRS 501c3 charitable organization

All donations are tax deductible


the Real Tree Archers would like to introduce you to the world of archery through the eyes of Jesus Christ. We would like to invite you to join with us as we journey on life's pathways toward true contentment and joy with our creator God.

The wonderful world of archery is one of His presents to us and we would like you to take a few moments and familiarize yourself with the mission, goals, objectives and statement of faith of this organization, which are included in the printable membership form button below. We believe you will be as excited as we are walking together seeking to enrich our lives through the joy of archery and the love of God.

Membership Benefits

* Identify with God's great family

* Witnessing opportunities & resources

* Opportunity to make new archery & bowhunting friends

* Opportunity to serve the Lord through archery and bowhunting

* Participate at 3D shoots, bowhunter retreats & game dinners

Types of Memberships

RTA Individual 1 year for $20 or family for $30

RTA Youth (under 16) 1 year for $10

RTA Lifetime Membership $200

RTA 1 Year + CBA 1 Year for $50

Make checks payable and mail to:

The Real Tree Archers

789 Deer Crossing Lane, Orange, VA 22960